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Clock Clock

He Will Die Soon

by Quentin Holden

He was lying in the back room
I was talking to my mother about his life
He needs foood and water cause he's dying
She says, its part of the dying process and he will die soon

He is hot and sweating, he needs water or he will pass
She says, he will die soon it is true
He needs an I. V. to save him from the reaper
She says, there is no place to place it in his vein
I will leave, but before I go I'll tell him goodbye cause he
      will die soon

He is resting restless he opens his glowing eyes
He cannot talk but with a smile points his finger towards
      his ear showing me where to place the I. V.
He closed his eyes, his breathing is louder, and he will die

His friends were around telling stories of the old days
He will leave us it is true
Some time in the night the noise has stopped
His eyes were open maybe he was not ready to die soon