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The “Conservative” Mind

Monday, August 9th, 2010

The “conservative” need never provide evidence to substantiate the rationalizations of his/her irresponsibility for any and all social ills. He does not have to prove that the homeless choose destitution, let alone provide us with the reasons that might provoke such a choice. Because this would entail, first, the real work of investigation and learning, and “conservatives” do not work, but only delegate work; and it would further entail a response to the problem. The “conservative” is not interested in responding to problems, only in dismissing them (unless, of course, he can “respond” to the problem with his “volunteer” army, which is to say, shrug the responsibility onto someone else’s shoulders).

The “conservative” conserves only his own energy, for his own private, selfish, narcissistic purposes. He claims to have “ideas,” but all his thought boils down to one pathetic proposition: “I am not responsible.”

Thought for the Day

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Eh, Jacques! Let’s cut off the King’s head!

Freedom of Speech II

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

11. God blesses the sexed, not the nice.
12. History exists in the silence.
13. The People are invisible.
14. Predator drones have nothing to do with war or warfare.
15. Only cowards use them.
16. The Truth is on the outside.
17. George Will pimps McDonalds for cold coffee and spare change.
18. Security institutionalizes fear.
19. To understand today, study yesterday. (after Pearl S. Buck)
20. The United States has choices, too.