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The Truth Should Be Hard to Read

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009


  • Oedipus Rex
  • The Bacchae
  • King Lear

The actual words, the reading of the physical words, should be easy. The words should draw you along and carry you to the truth. But the truth, that won’t be easy. Not because it’s bad or awful or depressing, but because we refuse to believe it — we actively resist the truth. (All of us, not just the alcoholics and the addicts.) We want to believe the delusions of real-ism.

“The Imp of the Perverse.” Perverse is the word for our relationship with the truth.

Why does the human resist truth? What difference would knowing the cause make?

Isn’t the cause, really, fear? We fear the truth.

We fear the truth as the truth. If the truth is out, we’re ruined: we’ll be shown up for the impostors we are, and, what’s more, the truth will expose What We Really Are.

But the truth is supposed to be power — the key to the freedom we lack and desire.