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The Kakkaspeak Dictionary

American n. one who owns stock, drives an SUV, and is innocent (q.v.)

compassionate adj. subscribing to the belief that war is not quite hell

conservative n. a follower of Benito Mussolini; see also liberal

consumer n. a mammal that gives milk

Democrat n. a member of the left wing of the CIA; a compassionate conservative

deregulation n. unprotected sex with a corporation

election n. an antique ritual of the period preceding globalization; no longer practiced or, where practiced, adhered to

empower v. impoverish

expertise n. limited imagination

free enterprise n. see deregulation

individualism n. every man for himself and God against all

innocence n. naivete

liberal n. conservative; one espousing the views of the left wing of the CIA; see also conservative

Libertarian n. a Republican who evades his taxes

nigger n. one who owns no stock

prosperity consciousness n. greed, or the Second Deadly Sin; syn., abundance; "I'm cultivating prosperity consciousness with these affirmations of abundance."

prosperous adj. overweight, fat, obese; "You're looking very prosperous these days!" -- Trent Lott to Newt Gingrich, 1994

reliant adj. abjectly dependent; "We are reliant on computer technology." -- former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen. "I was reliant on heroin and amphetamine for 21 years." -- Ginger Baker, drummer.

Republican n. one who does not believe in the Republic

utilize v. use

virtual reality n. illusion

wealth n. according to Eugene V. Debs, "the savings of many in the hands of the few"